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Making Business Matter Through Conscious Leadership

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Conscious Leadership: Becoming better leaders by becoming better human beings

Tom Eddington’s engaging, insightful, highly customized and interactive keynotes, along with his high-end consulting and workshops, help audiences, CEOs and teams become more effective leaders and human beings through the lens of IMPACT. This new paradigm of engagement and positive workplace culture fosters innovation, resiliency and a breakthrough in high performance causing more impact in your world personally and professionally while helping your company or organization become more successful.

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Making Business Matter
Through Conscious


  • Discovering the core principle that increases productivity, performance and resilience. (Leading from impact first)
  • Creating Breakthrough AHA’s for Leaders as they experience in an interactive way the IMPACT of how they show up
  • Learn how taking 100% responsibility works 100% of the time
  • The 6 phases of “The IMPACT Effect™” your team needs to become effective conscious leaders
  • Understanding how unconscious behaviors affect the workplace (and what to do about it)
  • Help leaders intrinsically experience and know their value


The new model for creating an innovative, resilient and inspired workplace


  • How to create a workplace environment that fosters innovation while helping navigate change
  • Enabling breakthrough performance and productivity
  • The Mindset Shift – How to pivot your perspective for mastering change
  • How to turn disruption into an opportunity for discovering greater potential
  • Integrating “The IMPACT Effect™” for becoming a conscious leader in your organization

Additional areas through Tom’s specialized expertise.

Other Popular Topics Include:

  • The Power of Trees – How Saving The Planet Is Good Business
  • Future Shaping – The Art and Practice of Living Your Vision
  • What’s At Stake? – How To Appease Your Stakeholders So You Please Your Business
  • The Start Up Secret To Success – How Founders Can Shape Their Future Through Conscious Leadership
  • What’s At Stake? – How To Appease Your Stakeholders So You Please Your Business

Hear Tom Speak About Conscious Leadership
And Caring for Our Planet!

In Tom’s groundbreaking talk, “The Power of Trees,” which he has shared all over the world.

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