“The Third Harmony” Documentary Film


The documentary takes the point of view that the story we have been told about our species throughout our lives is wrong – and that contrary to popular belief, we are not a violent species. The film makes the case that biologically, socially and psychologically, we are actually hard-wired to be non-violent. It includes interview segments with scientists in each of these areas of expertise who study human behavior and evolution.

Tom Eddington is currently executive producing a film about non-violence and the new story of humanity.

The narrative follows several real-life people throughout the film – that captures a reality that at first seems counter-intuitive. The documentary makes the case that while there are of course conflict zones throughout the world, the whole purpose of the media is to generalize these to apply to all mankind and stoke fear. A revolutionary film that changes the essential story of humanity, “The Third Harmony” will be released with the book by the same name, a board game “Cosmic Peaceforce-Mission Harmony 3” and an integrated media campaign in the spring 2020


The Third Harmony TRAILER: