Leadership Development

Helping develop effective leadership teams through a group and one-on-one process. The process includes identifying what is needed, barriers to team effectiveness through an assessment, intervention, and goal setting activities. This includes establishing conscious objectives, promoting self-awareness, discipline and leadership skills.

The focus is on how the team members relate to each other—their individual talents and expertise and their work as a collective. Tools and resources to help with development into a more effective leadership team is an essential component. Building safety and trust is the foundation.

The process begins with interviewing the individual team members to get an accurate read of the group dynamic. Each member’s point of view contributes to the interventions and plan created. The focus is on conscious discipline.

Understanding learning styles, communication preferences, worldviews and beliefs are uncovered through resources and activities that facilitate the sharing of information, offer clarity and enable roles and responsibilities to be fulfilled while making everyone accountable and preventing unnecessary power struggles.

Interventions can range from one-time offsite retreats to ongoing regularly facilitated monthly meetings throughout the year. The activities and commitment are tailored to the organization’s needs.