Executive Roundtables

Safe and intimate gathering spaces for leaders to connect on a deeper level with their peers.

Empowering “safe spaces” for leaders across a multitude of industries to gather and support each other. The Roundtables are designed to help conscious leaders connect with peers to share ideas and personal challenges, problem solve, grow and develop. These gatherings are intended to create a space to “talk shop” and to talk “life”. Sharing details of leadership style and strategies that help the organization achieve maximum efficiency and profit is a key component but so are the unique challenges of engaging in conscious leadership.

The goal is to provide an open space for each leader to share, develop trusting relationships, solve problems and offer encouragement and emotional support to one another. The peer-based nature of the group engenders mutual support beyond what typically exists. The process is based on confidentiality, trust, and safety.

The format includes monthly four-hour sessions and individual monthly coaching sessions.