Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching to help leaders become more effective, more conscious and self-aware of the impact they are having on the teams and organizations they lead and the world at large.

Providing immersive, one-on-one coaching for leaders by facilitating a tailored process to enable effectiveness. This process includes assessing strengths and identifying any de-railers that affect the ability to influence peers, lead subordinates and positively affect others within the organization beyond the immediate span of control. Identifying developmental needs, communication and personal issues that create obstacles and a roadmap for results.

The process includes testing initial assumptions by collecting feedback from colleagues, Board Members, subordinates and peers. Identifying the gaps and what it will take to close them is essential to assessing the level of technical expertise, behavior and leadership style.

Understanding belief systems is essential as well as assessing physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. Integrating each of these dimensions into daily business activities is a critical component of leadership effectiveness and conscious discipline. In so doing, others experience the “whole” leader.

Developing a success plan will incorporate a variety of tools, resources, books, classes, and specific action items. Setting intentions, outcomes and goals, with metrics in place, will enable measuring progress in particular areas and add long-term value to the organization. The result? Conscious leadership through sustainable action.