Board Services

In addition to his coaching practice, Tom Eddington serves on numerous Boards of Directors across a wide variety of industries and is available on a limited basis to take on additional Board memberships as he sees fit. He is currently on the Boards of the following organizations:

*Wisdom Labs, a San Francisco company focused on bringing mindfulness and meditation practice to corporations. Wisdom Labs has the know-how to deliver science-based wellbeing solutions that drive productivity, thoughtful leadership and meaningful success in the workplace.

*Ascalon, an organic cleaning product company based in Northern Virginia that manufactures and distributes domestically.

*Pano, a Virginia based social media platform that offers smart predictions for social media management via enhanced analytics, optimization, suggestions, and reporting. The platform’s creators believe it provides a greater sense of community than Facebook.

*Walker Tracker, a tech company and app dedicated to group fitness and focused on campaigns rather than individuals. The company is on a mission to empower organizations and their members to live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives via increased collective physical activity.

*Qteris, a Bay Area-based scientific medical research company focused on the discovery of cures for many ailments, including wound healing and Lyme disease. Its research is conducted in association with Kent State University,  UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz.